Futuristic Transport Ideas

This is an infographic by McGinley Support Services that interestingly depicts the unusual futuristic plans that have been proposed for travel.
The world is accelerating at an incredible pace, and technology is moving along with it. New inventions and innovations are being presented to the world all of the time and the world of transport is no different.
So we have put together this infographic which contains creative illustrations of these different transport ideas, along with some facts and figures regarding what makes them interesting. Featured transports include Hyperloop by Elon Musk, the Ehang drone taxi from Dubai, China’s Transit Elevated Bus, Skylon from Reaction Engines Limited, and Sky Tran by Douglas Malewicki.
It is truly fascinating to think that one day we could be using these incredible inventions as part of everyday life, and with the speed that things are developing, there will only be more wonderful futuristic transport ideas proposed in the years ahead.
Futuristic Transport Ideas
Infographic Source: http://www.mcginley.co.uk/news/futuristic-transport-ideas/bp238/

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