Glaucoma Diet Plan

In the treatment of glaucoma diet that includes green leafy vegetable, meat, sea foods and fruits will be helpful.

There are certain foods that should be included in glaucoma diet which are the combination of fruits, vegetables and meat. Some foods that are nutrient-rich and thus help in glaucoma treatment.

Some of the common glaucoma symptoms that one can identify on their own like blurred vision, severe eye and head pain, sudden sight loss. So if you are feeling the same then you must go for the glaucoma eye test at first .

Some vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Zinc will help to cure glaucoma.The food mentioned in the following infographics serve best help if you are in the initial stage of glaucoma and wish to cure it by diet. These vitamins help in the treatment of glaucoma with their antioxidant and some other properties which are beneficial.

Glaucoma Diet Plan
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