Home Maintenance Schedule to Avoid Costly Repairs

Home repairs are very costly. Whether it is a cracked driveway, blocked gutters, or a non-operational furnace, repairs always cost more than preventive actions. Do not be that homeowner who waits to take action only after something goes wrong.

Take preventive action and avoid costly repairs by making a maintenance schedule for your home. By scheduling the maintenance of the home, you will never have too many projects going on at the same time. What maintenance activities should you carry out at what time?



The biting cold out there must be keeping you indoors for long hours. This is not to say that you cannot undertake some home maintenance activities. While some are necessary, others are great to do.

The Snow Blower

This is the first equipment to repair when winter sets in. Take it for a tune-up and you will be ready for the snowstorms to follow. You should also get a good shovel and safe snow-melting products.

Exterior pipes

The pipes in your garage and basement need to be insulated. This will keep them from freezing.

Interior Cleaning

Take advantage of the many hours spent indoors to do some thorough cleaning. Clean the drains in showers, sinks, and tubs. Storage spaces that are not often cleaned may also benefit from winter cleanups.


With the winter breaking and warmer days coming, you can spend more time outside carrying out home maintenance.


These must have held a lot of snow during winter and chances of damage are high. Inspect them for any issues and make the necessary adjustments. Even if the gutters are in perfect working conditions, clean them thoroughly to remove any gunk and dirt that may have collected in them.


Have someone check your roof carefully. They should look for any chipping shingles or other signs of structural damage. Your chimney should also be checked and necessary repairs made.

Air Conditioning

You will need a perfectly functioning AC when the summer months arrive and spring is the right time to look into this. Get your current air conditioner serviced and its filters replaced.

The Outdoors

It is time to make your curb appeal shine. Clean up any dead leaves left behind by the snow. Start preparing the grounds for planting flowers and lawn grass. The trees around the house need to be checked for any issues. Trees that are too near the house or power lines need to be cut down or pruned.
The windows, walls, and foundation of the house need to be inspected thoroughly. If any issues are noted, repairs should be carried out immediately. Clean up the house’s exterior so it is clean and fresh. If necessary, add a fresh coat of paint to any chipped parts.


This is the season for barbecues and other fun outdoor activities. What can you do to avoid costly repairs now and in the future?

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner will be working extra hard to keep the temperatures in your home perfect. Replace the filters at least every month.

Outdoor Projects

Do you want to build a new patio? Now is the time to do this and many other outdoor projects. You could even paint the entire house. No matter what home improvement idea it is you have in mind, summer is a great time to get it done. From plumbing to the garage, now is the time to give your home a facelift.


With moderate temperatures and dry weather, fall is a great time to tackle home improvement projects that could not be done in summer. You also need to prepare the house for winter.

Smoke Detectors

The batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced. If there are any missing or faulty detectors, have them replaced.

General Cleanup

The temperatures are warm and therefore whatever you wash is likely to dry fast. Do a general cleaning of the house including carpets, windows, dryer vents, gutters, and so on.


All faulty windows need to be repaired or replaced. Consider installing energy-efficient windows that will help keep your heating bills low even in winter.


As you prepare for winter, make sure your boilers and furnaces are in proper working conditions. These are some of the equipment that will keep you warm during the cold season. If you need to replace it, research and compare new furnace costs in your area. Choose to work with a qualified expert who will not only sell the right furnace but also help you to install it.

Winterize your AC

Your central air conditioning unit needs to be ready for the cold winter. Shut it down on the last day of fall and then cover the unit and its pipes.

You Will Benefit from Scheduled Home Maintenance

Scheduled home maintenance activities ensure that your home looks great and functions perfectly. By doing the maintenance activities according to seasons, it is easy for the homeowner to remember what needs to be done. In the long run, one can save money and time that would have been wasted on preventable repairs.

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