Is It Time to Get a New AC Unit?

Air conditioners need to stay in perfect shape so that the house is kept under the right temperature and is conducive to human inhabitance. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not understand that even the best air conditioners are not programmed to last forever, even through regular maintenance. There comes a time when the whole system needs to be changed and replaced by a more efficient one.

However, it can be hard to decide to get a new AC unit because the process is expensive and requires a generous amount of financial investment. Some of the signs that your home might require a new AC unit include:


1. It’s Getting Hot Inside Your Home

One of the obvious signs that your AC might need a replacement is when you notice it failing to carry out its job as required. Turning on the AC should influence the release of cool air from your ventilations after a short while. A failure in this indicates that it might just be time to make calculations on how you can acquire a new one.

Ideal Services Air Conditioning Services ensures that they carry out the right diagnosis on your existing AC Unit and that your house is well-fitted with an able-working new AC Unit.

2. Your Energy Bills are Unusually Higher Than They are Supposed to Be

A new AC unit is designed to operate smarter while being keen to use only the required amount of energy. As the AC ages, it fails to function correctly and tends to lose its Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio points, leading to an increase in the costs of energy used to circulate cool air in your home. While other systems include air filtration capabilities, some use heat pumps to actively eliminate heated air.

Las Vegas AC Technicians come in to make sure they deliver worthwhile services when it comes to both. Installing a new AC machine can cause significant changes in your monthly bills, allowing you to channel the funds into other important sectors.

3. Investing a lot of Funds in Repair Activities

Occasional maintenance is required to ensure your AC works effectively. However, it is one thing to carry out maintenance, and it is another to carry out frequent repairs because of faults in your AC system. Once you notice this, you should consider installing a new AC unit and doing away with the old one that has already served its time.

Las Vegas AC Technicians not only pride themselves in conducting the best AC care but are also equipped with the most professional team that ensures your needs and desires are met without contradiction.

4. Your Current AC has Served its Intended Time

One of the most significant factors when replacing your AC unit is its age and the amount of time it has been able to serve your household. Ideal Services Air Conditioning Services’ advice on replacing your old AC Unit with a more efficient model will give your house nothing but the best performance. However, you can still enjoy a bit more service from your AC if it has surpassed its age but is still working well.

Getting a new AC unit installed is not a small investment, and you might need to prepare your finances before making adjustments. How old your AC unit is supposed to last depends on how well the installation occurred and how well it has been taken care of since the installation happened. Ideal Services Air Conditioning Services never disappoint when it comes to that.

5. The Existing AC Unit is Louder than Usual

Foreign noises produced by your AC often indicate that there may be important issues that need to be fixed, or it has reached its limit and urgently requires a replacement. Once you notice the weird sounds, turn it off and have a professional take a look at it. If that does not help much, ensure you consult replacement services from the Las Vegas AC Technicians so that there are no further dangers involved.

The average air conditioning system requires a replacement every 15 years, and it is never worth conducting a replacement on an AC Unit that is approaching its last legs when you can just save the funds and get a whole new system installed. Some of the extra services carried out by Ideal Services Air Conditioning Services are such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical installations and repair services
  • Heating and Ventilation Systems
  • Restoration services due to water and smoke damages
  • Installation and repair of water heaters

The Las Vegas AC Technicians ensure they conduct a thorough search on your AC unit and get to the root cause of all problems before suggesting the right direction to take. With the services from Ideal Services Air Conditioning Services, you are guaranteed not only a 10-year limited warranty on the coil but also the same on internal functional parts and compressors.

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