How Do People Get YouTube Famous?

If you ask a group of 10-year olds what they’d like to be when they grow up, there’s a good chance you’ll hear a few voices proclaim “YouTuber!”
A career on YouTube can be highly lucrative not only for the top creators who command audiences in the millions, but also for those who have smaller niche audiences. There really is something for everyone on YouTube!
The path to YouTube success isn’t an easy one, but with hard work and dedication you’ll be able to grow your subscribers and start reaching audiences all over the world. Learning proven YouTube growth tactics will help. In this infographic, you’ll learn actionable steps to get started now!
If you’re still figuring out what types of videos to make, consider the hottest YouTube genres: comedy and gaming. Did you know that the #1 YouTube channel in the world is PewDiePie, a 28-year old Swedish YouTuber known for his Let’s Play gaming commentary? His channel boasts 58 million subscribers – that’s more viewers than the population of Canada!
You should also consider trending topics. Even an established YouTube creator like Grace Helbig leverages trends like when she filmed her reaction to prankster Logan Paul’s latest video.
Learn more about how to grow your YouTube subscribers in the infographic!
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