How do you defend yourself against false accusations?

False accusations are a terrifying thing. They can lead to the tarnishing of your name, loss of career and livelihood, and even prison time. But our country has a legal system that’s in place, at least in part, to prevent such an occurrence. Our attorneys are highly experienced with this system, and are here to give you your best fighting chance if you ever come up against false accusations. Bur first, make sure you understand the situation.
Eyewitnesses for the prosecution can be wrong:

  • 69% of wrongful convictions in the United States have resulted from eyewitness misidentification
  • 27% of these cases were caused by misidentification through a sketch artist
  • Pleading guilty of a crime you did not commit is not your only option.
  • 41 of 365 wrongfully convicted defendants in the US have plead guilty to a crime they did not commit
  • Studies show that although we many never know exactly how many people have been wrongfully convicted, an estimated 1 in 25 inmates on death row have later been shown to be innocent
  • Although the burden of proof is placed on the prosecution rather than the defense, it’s always a good idea to present as much evidence as possible of your innocence.
  • 44% of known wrongful convictions have involved the misinterpretation or application of scientific evidence
  • Exonerations can and do happen.
  • DNA evidence is known to have exonerated a high number of convicted innocents
  • Those convicted often have a right to receive compensation
  • An exoneration can lead to the real perpetrator being apprehended and brought to justice

Ensure a positive outcome for your case by hiring an attorney who knows how to navigate the system.
How do you defend yourself against false accusations
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