How Freelance Translators Can Earn Big Bucks

It’s a basic fact of life – in almost all professions some people struggle to make ends meet, whilst others fair rake it in.
Freelance translators are no different. So how do the highest earning translators make their mega salaries?
We explain the 5 different methods they use, and a couple of these may surprise you. For example, it’s possible to earn big by “working like a dog” like our Relentless Ron and “going hell for leather” like Lightning Libby. And we provide the numbers to prove it.
Realistically though, most of these strategies won’t appeal to, or suit, most freelancers. In fact, there’s likely to be just the one method that will work for most.
The good news is that this strategy just happens to be the one where you can earn the highest salary of all.Translator-salary
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