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How Big Pharma’s Money is Affecting Our Health and Our Wallets

In 2014, Americans spent a total of $374 billion in prescriptions – up 13% since 2013. This isn’t the result of widespread, debilitating health problems affecting Americans across the country. Instead, the push to take prescription drugs is due to the influence of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. From August 2013 to December 2014, these companies spent …

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How Freelance Translators Can Earn Big Bucks

It’s a basic fact of life – in almost all professions some people struggle to make ends meet, whilst others fair rake it in. Freelance translators are no different. So how do the highest earning translators make their mega salaries? We explain the 5 different methods they use, and a couple of these may surprise you. For example, it’s possible …

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Eat Big 2 Get Big

The “Eat Big 2 Get Big” infographic explains that caloric intake is imperative for optimizing gym performance, and it serves as a great teaching tool for those lifters that may be experiencing lifting plateaus. The infographic reviews 3 top bodybuilder’s eating habits, to shed a little more light on the importance of eating big meals. An energy balance equation is …

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