How People Ruin Their Car Insurance

Remaining uninsured when a car owner can get insured is a mistake since they continue to lack financial security should an accident happen. Not everyone who has a comprehensive car insurance policy is a role model, however, since several of them can still commit mistakes with their insurance policies.
One common mistake insured individuals make is not paying their insurance premiums on time, resulting in suspended policies. Suspended insurance policies will do no good for any insured individual since they lose their financial security.
Letting people without an insurable interest in the vehicle drive the car is another mistake that’s common among insured car owners. Some car owners might think that their friends won’t get into an accident with their vehicle, so they let them drive it. The owner’s policy does not cover drivers who don’t belong to the owner’s immediate household.
Many car owners decide to pass their cars down to their children for various reasons. There isn’t anything wrong with passing the car down, but they can make the mistake of assuming that their policy still covers the car. The new owner now has an insurable interest in the vehicle, so it’s their responsibility to get it insured.
There are several more car insurance mistakes that car owners typically commit and you can learn about them through’s infographic here.
How People Ruin Their Car Insurance
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