How Security Guards Deal with the Threats to Public Safety?

Public safety requirements have grown exponentially in the past few decades. Professional sports, concerts and tourism have brought people from all walks of life together. That’s why it’s important to have qualified security personnel and equally important to recognize the benefits of employing them across various organizations for the primary purpose of maintaining public safety.
The concept of safety in numbers may appear to be a hypothesis but has been found to increase the rates of survival. This also means that a large physical group could be more prone to danger.
The infographic below details the evolution of public safety and the threats we face every day.
Terrorists? Burglary attempts? Robbery? Is that all you could think of? You’ll be surprised to find out that there’s a lot more. With this neatly prepared data, let’s dive right into the the the more common threats the mass population has failed to notice and how security guards have combatted these threats.
How Security Guards Deal with the Threats to Public Safety
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