Swiping Right: How Smartphones Changed Relationships

loveit coverit is conducting an ongoing project that investigates how our lives have changed since the introduction of smartphones. In our latest project – Swiping Right: How Smartphones Changed Relationships – we shine a spotlight on how the dating landscape has transformed in recent years.
By collecting research from various sources across the UK and the wider world, we explore everything including the impact of online dating on budding relationships, growing communities that have formed around niche dating sites and apps, and how online dating has introduced a new host of problems and safety concerns.
Looking at the research suggests that dating apps are neither inherently good nor inherently bad, it simply comes down to how we use it and the frequency of use. While there are many aspects of online dating that we have not covered, we hope this infographic will provoke a discourse and raise awareness of some of the less positive aspects of online dating. If you have more dating questions that need to be answered, let dating9 advice answer them and discuss with you more of the downsides and advantages of online dating.
How Smartphones Changed Relationships
Infographic Source: https://www.loveitcoverit.com/how-smartphones-changed-relationships/

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