How to Choose between Mobile Website and Mobile App

Life is becoming more and more digital. We feel indignant if we can’t find the service or the goods we need online. And thanks God the majority of businesses ride this digital wave: the cafes and restaurants you used to go to now have websites that let you order meals; you favorite store sells goods online; you don’t need to go to travel agent’s to book a trip — the list is endless. Businesses do everything to simplify customer’s life.
Let me now give you another slant — a business owner’s one. Let’s say, you are an entrepreneur. No matter how big your business is, you strive to expand. The first solution that comes to mind is pretty simple — digitalize your business. Millions of potential clients surf the Internet looking for the exact service you can offer. Why not take advantage? And you create a website. Super!
Then you realize that PC and laptop popularity fades — your customers tend to use their smartphones and tablets to come online. It’s time to make the next move: to become mobile friendly. You will have to choose between a mobile website and mobile app to let your customers stay with you at their convenience.
Find out how to make the right choice with the detailed information below. If you want to know more how different Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps are, you are welcome to read the full blog post.MobileWebsite
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