How to Close a Sale Without Struggling

You’ve researched, gathered data about the customer and their needs, and devised a strategy. It’s finally time to close the deal. But there’s one more issue. How do you make the sale? If closing is a challenge for you or your sales team, there are many tried-and-true methods. The following are some tried-and-true strategies for getting people to say “yes!” without hesitation.

Be Confident and Humble at the Same Time

Being pushy is a sure way to make your customers flee as fast as they can. On the other hand, being shy and timid will prevent them from ever purchasing anything from anyone again.
People prefer to do business with people they can trust, so try to be confident and humble when closing sales. Make an effort to sell yourself, but not so much that you come across as arrogant.

Offer Incentives

The simplest way to close a sale is to tell someone what they’ll get out of it. That is, if they purchase now. Sometimes the deal will speak for itself, but for people to act, include some bonus perks with your product or service.
These extras will not only make them feel better about their purchase, but they will also give them an easy out if they were planning on making a purchase anyway.

Anticipate Objections and Address them Before they Can Arise

Anticipating your customers’ concerns and questions ahead of time ensures that you cover everything in the time they reach your sales pitch. Try writing down every question you can think of, then go over these talking points with someone who has never heard of your product or service before to see how well they work.

Get Rid of Price Anchors

To get a steep discount or a lower-than-market-value price for something, you must first have someone place that anchor for you by mentioning an excessive number. Try something like, “I’m sure you know how much these cost in stores, but I can give it to you for much less.” By comparison, the number you provide will now appear reasonable.

Know their Triggers

You should also discover what motivates your customers and use this knowledge to help close the sale. Do they want a discount? A freebie? Is there a new feature on the product that wasn’t there before? Whatever it is, do your homework on what is important to them—and give them even more reasons to buy.

Avoid Proving Your Dominance

Sometimes salespeople will try to intimidate their customers by spouting “facts” and statistics about the product they are attempting to sell. This is known as proving your dominance. While it may appear that you are assisting them in making the best decision, the truth is that no one likes you to talk down on them.

Create a Sense of Urgency

People are more likely to act when they believe something will vanish if they do not act quickly. Create a sense of urgency by emphasizing the benefits of purchasing your product while it is still on sale, or informing them of another exclusive promotion that is only available for a limited time.

If Necessary, Mirror Customers Response

If someone is resisting you, try to get them to talk to figure out why they are hesitant. Don’t argue if they say your price is too high or that your product lacks enough bells and whistles for their needs. Instead, see if you can reach an agreement with them and develop a solution that works for everyone.

Present the Price

Some sellers believe it is essential to avoid discussing price during the closing process. However, by doing so, they raise the customer’s suspicions about whether they are receiving good value. Better yet, lay all of your cards on the table by outlining the price of your product or service upfront, and then let them know you’re willing to negotiate.

Do your Homework

The more industry research you conduct, the better your understanding of what is valuable to the customers you are attempting to sell to will be.
Investigate competitors who may be providing things your customers truly value, and position yourself as uniquely capable of delivering satisfaction on these fronts. As a result, when the time comes to a close, everyone benefits.

Final Remarks

The steps outlined above are all effective ways to close a sale without struggling. Try to keep them in mind when it’s time for you to make your pitch, and look forward to seeing an increase in sales.

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