Know How to Crack PTE-A Speaking Like a Pro with PTE Tutorials!

PTE Speaking is one of the trickiest among all modules in the PTE Test. The goal of the module is to measure your ability to speak English in an academic environment. In this module, you will have to speak your answers into a microphone provided to you at the test center. Have you been struggling with your score in PTE Speaking?
If yes, the infographic below shares some useful tips to improve your performance. You can keep these suggestions in mind during your PTE preparation.
For more PTE Speaking practice, you can also download the PTE Tutorials Mobile app. The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. The interface of the app is like that of the actual PTE Academic Exam. The mobile app also lets you record your speech and revisit them for improvements. Try the mobile application now and practice on it to see for yourself!
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