How to Increase eCommerce Sales: 5 Tricks from Experts

If you’ve tried your hand in the vast world of eCommerce, you know its potential as a powerful platform for business expansion is undeniable. With the ever-growing popularity of online shopping, hundreds of thousands of merchants have flocked to the digital marketplace, creating an environment where competition is fierce and standing out becomes increasingly difficult.

In this cutthroat environment, you must equip yourself with the right strategies to boost your eCommerce sales and ensure your business thrives amidst the crowd.

Fortunately, there are time-tested tricks that experts swear by, and this infographic shares five of them with you.

Top 5 Online Marketplaces in the Philippines

The first step to increasing eCommerce sales is successfully understanding your battlefield. In the Philippines, a few key players dominate the eCommerce landscape, each with unique strengths and market reach. To maximize your sales potential, you must be well-versed with these platforms.

1. Shopee

Shopee is far and away the largest eCommerce website in the country, with around 72 million monthly users. It’s known for its user-friendly interface, diverse product offerings, and regular promotions like the double-day sales that drive massive traffic to the platform.

The platform’s commitment to providing a secure and convenient shopping experience has garnered the trust of its users. Furthermore, its mobile app is highly accessible and easy to use. This focus on the mobile platform in a country with more active phones than people has cemented its place as a dominant force in the Philippine eCommerce market.

2. Lazada

Lazada is one of the pioneers of online commerce in the Philippines, earning its standing as one of the country’s most reliable and diverse platforms. Backed by the Alibaba Group, Lazada leverages its vast network and robust logistics infrastructure to deliver various products to customers efficiently.

Lazada also conducts regular promotions like Lazada’s Birthday Sale to drive traffic and partners with many large brands to help improve the platform’s visibility.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the Philippines’ most popular social media platform, so it’s no surprise that its Marketplace also sees plenty of traffic. Most of the Marketplace focuses on C2C or consumer-to-consumer sales, but plenty of organizations are also selling there.

Facebook Marketplace leverages the fact that so many Filipinos are already on it. The social media platform sees more traffic than the above entries, and the stores are only a click away.

Conquer the Philippine eCommerce Landscape

Understanding the landscape can make all the difference in your success as an eCommerce merchant. With this exploration of the top three online marketplaces in the Philippines – Shopee, Lazada, and Facebook Marketplace – you discovered their power in influencing consumer behavior and driving sales.
The following infographic has practical tips from some of the country’s most influential and successful experts. Stand on the shoulders of giants and achieve your goal of eCommerce success by reading on!

Increase eCommerce Sales

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