About to Move? Here is How to Make Your Process Stress Free

If you are about to make the big move, you are probably packing, racing around town to meet deadlines and appointments, and probably wondering how it got so crazy! Moving is no picnic, but it doesn’t have to be a complete ordeal. Here’s what you need to do in order to make the process as easy as possible.

Find a Reputable Moving Company

Finding a reputable moving company is essential as it will help you have a stress-free move. You will want to avoid companies that give you a terrible quote and never show up to move your things. Find a reputable company that can help with the heavy lifting on moving day because it’s heavy!

Also, make sure that they have insurance and all the proper licenses for moving to your state. And if you have a vehicle, you will want to ensure it arrives in one piece. In order to make sure this happens it is best to contact a reputable company that specializes in national transport solutions.


Time Yourself

How long do you take to pack? Know where your time is best spent by paying attention to how long things take, as this will help you stay on track when your moving date approaches. Also, get a visual of what’s to be done so you can better plan and prioritize.

Having a moving timeline worksheet comes in handy. It will help you see what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and how much time various steps will take, so you can better plan your packing schedule and not fall prey to panic as the big day nears.

Start Early

You may have thought it was a good idea to do a massive shopping spree the week before your move, but this will only make things harder on you. New items have to be tried on and returned when they don’t work out, and boxes need to be bought. The whole process takes more time than if you had gone ahead and purchased them earlier. Therefore, have a list of what you have and buy only what you need.

Take Photos When Packing

Taking photos with your cell phone will help in remembering what you are putting into the box and where it is going, which will save you time and stress because you won’t have to remember where a certain item was packed or open each box to see if a certain item is in there.

Have the Right Packing Materials

Always pack efficiently, but also have the right packing materials. For example, if you are packing a breakable item, wrap it well in bubble wrap or other material to make sure it does not get damaged. Also, if you are worried about things getting damaged in the move, then be sure to put items that can be scratched or damaged in boxes, such as dishes and glasses. And don’t forget to label and seal all boxes with packing tape so that nothing can spill out.

Have a Plan for Pets and Kids

Make sure both are taken care of as you pack, with a pet sitter, or by keeping them with family or friends on the big day. After all, you want to ensure they are cared for and not left to their devices or injured in the moving process. You also don’t want them to get into things or trouble while you are scrambling with packing.

Have a Back-up Plan

Have a backup plan for what to do if things don’t go as planned. For example, ensure you know where extra credit cards and documents are in case you lose them. Also, make sure to have a list of emergency numbers handy, which includes other moving companies, a variety of places where you can stay on moving day if needed, and your veterinarian’s number if you need to take care of your pets.

The process of moving takes a lot of planning and forethought. The more you plan, the better, as you will be less likely to run into problems and ensure you have a stress-free move. Take some time now to get some boxes and packing supplies, and develop a moving schedule, so you don’t run out of time when the big day comes!

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