How to Protect Yourself from the Adverse Effects of Excessive UV Light Exposure

The many benefits of receiving enough sunlight aid plants, animals, and humans; it is essential to help stimulate vitamin D production in people and impact a person’s well-being. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun also increases calcium and phosphorous absorption from food. It has a significant role in blood cell formation, skeletal development, and immune function, but as we all know, too much exposure to this can also cause problems.

Adverse Effects of Excessive Exposure to UV Rays

One of the most feared diseases caused by too much UVA and UVB rays is skin cancer. These ultraviolet rays can cause direct skin damage like sunburn, premature ageing skin, freckles, lentigines (solar brown spots,) and pigmented moles. Aside from the skin, it can also have brought damage to the eyes and can also weaken the immune system.

Ways to Protect Yourself from These Risks

We see most people take safety precautions for their skin during the summer, especially when times call for a dip in the pool or beach. But taking care of one’s skin doesn’t need to wait for summer because these tips can be done wherever and whenever.

Window Tints

Whether it’s car window tinting in Southampton or simply window tinting for reading purposes at home, installing it can help reverse the harmful risks of too much sun exposure. The dyes can and will block the harmful sun rays from entering your car or home. Aside from protecting your skin, they can protect your home walls too from cracking or its paints from fading.


Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes (and the skin around them) from too much glare from the sun. Many sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses are made to keep the eyes safe from harmful UV rays. But make sure to ask and check the labels to see if the product is indeed true to its claim.

Learn more about how to protect yourself from too much sun exposure through this infographic.

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