How to Say Merry Christmas in 100 Different Languages

Christmas is a season that brings people together. It is a religious tradition celebrated by different countries and cultures all over the world. Throughout the years it has not only been celebrated as a religious occasion but also a festivity which businesses have capitalized on.

Thousands of merchandise relating to Christmas have been invented to give joy to people all over the world, specifically the children. Santa Clause is one prominent Christmas character who gives kids on his nice list the gifts that they want to receive on Christmas.

Children are told to be nice, otherwise, they would land on Santa’s naughty list and will not get any gift from him.

These are just some of the things that people do on this joyous occasion, besides greeting people a Merry Christmas in their native language.

The season brings joy to everyone who celebrates them, and it brings people together, even those who have not seen each other for a long time. This infographic lists down the different languages you can say Merry Christmas.


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