How to Sell Tutoring on the Phone

If you are a tutor who can master the art of sales it will transform your business. Tutors who are good at this will be able to fill their schedules, charge higher rates, and grow their business faster than tutors who lack this ability. I’ve noticed there are some simple things many tutors do wrong when they are selling to parents over the phone.
For one thing, they often start off by talking about themselves, their credentials, their background, and what makes them a great tutor. But clients want to talk about themselves and discuss the problem. Their child is struggling in math. You need to find out when it started and what is going on. Get to the root of the problem. Then shift the conversation to yourself.
Here is my eight step system for working through a sales call with a tutoring client. Follow the steps outlined in infographic during your next call and watch it end in a yes!
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