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Mobile Phone Statistics


How much does the average person use their mobile phone in one day? What about your children, are they on their mobile phone for too long? Which Mobile Phone brand do you love and will you stay loyal to it when you next upgrade? These and may more questions are answered here by SellCell.com As people are consumed more by …

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How to Sell Tutoring on the Phone

If you are a tutor who can master the art of sales it will transform your business. Tutors who are good at this will be able to fill their schedules, charge higher rates, and grow their business faster than tutors who lack this ability. I’ve noticed there are some simple things many tutors do wrong when they are selling to …

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Installing 2nd WhatsApp on your phone- why is it useful?

To most Americans, it is necessary to have separate social media accounts for personal and professional purposes. On younger demographics such as Millennials and Gen Z, using a different platform for the specific type of people is the way to go. When it comes to emails, having separate accounts is mandatory. A work email is usually provided by the company …

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UK Phone Secrets

In order to discover how people across the UK were really using their smartphones, mobile phone insurance brand, loveit coverit, commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 respondents, looking at various attitudes toward sexting, revenge porn, and smartphone cheating. This produced some very interesting results. One of the most shocking reveals was that 19% of young men in the UK keep …

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10 Effective Methods to Fix Overheating Android Phone

The situation can be really frustrating when your phone gets hot while accessing it. Now the occurrence of the problem can be due to several reasons that makes your phone hot. Because of phone heating up, its difficult to use it or do some important task. How to cool down and what causing the phone to get hot is a …

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Cell Phone Addiction Statistics & Phone Usage Facts

Smartphones and the consumption of information have become incredibly important and addictive in many parts of everyday life. This infographic sent to us by BankMyCell illustrates the cultural shift towards smartphones and personal devices, and how they deliver an endless stream of information which can negatively impact us psychologically. It has also been linked to increased anxiety and stress, a …

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