How To Stamp Leather With A Custom Stamp And A Mallet

Whether you want to leave your mark on an exclusive handbag or a pair of traditional moccasins, you can use a custom leather stamp and a mallet to personalize your leather goods.
If you are not familiar with branding leather, we’d recommended doing a few practice runs on scraps of leather to feel just how much pressure you have to exert. This will depend on the garniture shape and depth of the design. Before you apply the stamp, take the time to imagine the end-result, after all, you want it looking top-quality!
Once the leather is stamped, the design will remain on it as long as the leather remains dry. If the leather is damped again, you could lose your impression.
This is a great way to personalize leather goods or souvenirs with your own design. Check out this simple visual guide to getting started in stamping leather with a cold stamp and mallet.
How To Stamp Leather With A Custom Stamp And A Mallet
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