The Hyperinflated Compressed Air Movie Guide

People who are not interested in tools and DIY might say that air compressors are dull. This infographic shows some of the odd, hilarious and completely impossible uses of compressed air in movies. The people at Bobs Best Air Compressors searched high and low for movies that used compressed air in imaginative ways to terrify and amuse movie fans. Asking all their friends to think of films with scenes involving compressed air resulted in many quizzical looks.
They linked blood pressure with compressed air using their unique pulse-o-meter ratings beside each of the movie moments. The order of the scenes is based on how much they would increase your blood pressure. You won’t question the choice of the most pulse pounding compressed air movie moment when you see which film scene had the highest pulse-o-meter rating.
The infographic will help you impress your friends with your astounding movie knowledge. At your next movie quiz night you will ace all the compressed air questions… if there are any!
Hyperinflated Compressed Air Movie Guide

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