The inaugural ROL Cruise survey

To gain an insight into the minds of the cruising public, independent cruise travel agency ROL Cruise surveyed 500 cruise enthusiasts and asked them 9 questions about their travel habits. The survey results revealed some fascinating statistics, showing that the Caribbean and North America are the top 2 dream cruise destinations, and that a remarkable 17% of cruisers have fallen in love on a cruise holiday. 38% of travellers said they’d be willing to travel to any port in the world to catch a cruise, and more people said they’d rather travel with a partner than with friends or family. Interestingly, when asked which aspects to consider when booking a cruise, many travellers said that the brand or reputation of the cruise line was very important (16%), but the price was the key factor for most cruisers (32%). When it came to the most popular type of cruise, ocean cruises came out on top (47%) but surprisingly, in second place was world cruises (36%), showing that world cruises are becoming a more achievable and desirable option for many travellers.
inaugural ROL Cruise survey
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