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Kids and Technology Survey

The last 8 years have brought forward a new Australia. One that is not only more open and culturally forward, but also an evolving nation with progressive societal values and perceptions. Especially, in terms of family values. Australia has progressed beyond the traditionally accepted family values. As the recent Australian family values survey suggests, Australia is now rather slowly scrapping …

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The inaugural ROL Cruise survey

To gain an insight into the minds of the cruising public, independent cruise travel agency ROL Cruise surveyed 500 cruise enthusiasts and asked them 9 questions about their travel habits. The survey results revealed some fascinating statistics, showing that the Caribbean and North America are the top 2 dream cruise destinations, and that a remarkable 17% of cruisers have fallen …

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Recruiters CRM Survey 2015

Recruiters can and should be picky about what their recruitment CRM applications do. Making a simplistic database for all of their company’s and clients can be done in Excel, but they need more; mobile access, security, reporting… Over our years of experience our team at 1Click Software have learnt many lessons. It is important to give the data meaning and …

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