An Insight Into the Recruitment Pyramid

Many companies nowadays are reaching out to recruitment platforms for hiring solutions. The first is the hiring stage which is a three-step process including background checks, assessment of candidate profiles and selection of the talents best suited for the particular job. Next is the interview stage where the shortlisted candidates receive calls from the recruiter to appear for the interview process. In the candidate tracking process, the recruiters hone the skills of the prospective candidates. Companies keep a track of candidate-related matters, the applicants, the selected candidates etc. The next stage is that of filtering talents where the companies try to look for potential candidates by targeting the desired skill sets. After the selection of the suitable profiles, the relevant details are entered into the company’s database. The next step is that of job posting, where the companies that want to enhance the quality of their hiring, will not just post their job vacancies but will explore job boards and other related sites as well. The final stage involves the listing of the leads. Companies not only limit the search of prospective candidates from job boards but also resort to employee referrals, social media and recruitment channels. The attached infographic highlights the various steps of the recruitment process that helps a recruiter to optimise the hiring process.
Recruitment Pyramid
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