Help! I Dropped My iPhone in Water!

This infographic is a step-by-step guide for salvaging your Apple iPhone if you have happened to drop it in water. This guide gives you the best solutions for trying to prevent any damage that submerging your iPhone in water might cause. This guide is also applicable to basically any kind of smartphone that has accidentally been dropped in water.
This guide also debunks a few myths that are common among the smartphone community that actually do more harm than good in the process of saving your device. There have been multiple times when using any of these improper “techniques” can ruin a phone that would otherwise be minimally damaged. It is our hope that this infographic can reach people around the web and influence people to take the right course of action when this unfortunate circumstance occurs.
Infographic courtesy of iKure, Long Island’s premier location for iPhone and Smartphone repairs and customizations.iPhone Repair Guide

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