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The Complete iPhone Data Transfer Guide


There is no doubt that the latest series of iPhone 14 is the best Apple phone ever made. It’s a good opportunity to start the Apple journey with this brand-new model. As a long-time Android phone user, you may be confused about iPhone data transfer. Transferring data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone is not a difficult …

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The Rising Cost of Repairing Your iPhone

The cost of buying a brand-new smartphone has skyrocketed in recent years, with the iPhone X being the most expensive of its type at a retail price of £999 – and this doesn’t look set to change, with new, more expensive, devices being announced annually. Unfortunately, the greater the cost of the smartphone, the greater the cost of repair, and …

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IPhone Beauty & Makeup Apps That You Must Explore

Is your iPhone updated with the latest apps? If you’re a beauty junkie you shouldn’t be without the iPhone beauty and makeup apps that can change the way you deal with your beauty routine. At this age when having an iPhone gives you the technological advantage, you’re actually missing out a lot if you still haven’t downloaded the right apps …

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iPhone 10 Years – Some Facts You Might Want to Know

It is exciting to get a new iPhone, but which one to choose is a headache. Here is the full list of all iPhones that released between 2007 and 2017. Learn iPhones about their release date, prices, and sales volume in the world, find the best-selling iPhones during the last 10 years, and check out how much the most expensive iPhone …

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IPhone& Rice Delight

Water and Electronics. Separately, they are awesome but together, it’s a disaster. Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling of seeing your iPhone literally sinking to the bottom of your toilet? How about watching your iPhone as in plummets towards the sea during a beach trip with your family? Or worse- having your iPhone swim in your mom’s freshly made …

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Help! I Dropped My iPhone in Water!

This infographic is a step-by-step guide for salvaging your Apple iPhone if you have happened to drop it in water. This guide gives you the best solutions for trying to prevent any damage that submerging your iPhone in water might cause. This guide is also applicable to basically any kind of smartphone that has accidentally been dropped in water. This …

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