Is Google Giving You the SEO Blues?

Is Google Giving You the SEO Blues” depicts the top six most important Google algorithms in history in regard to how it affects a website’s keyword rankings. The basics of good SEO can be found in studying the updates found in this infographic. When applying proper SEO techniques in gaining rankings the most important thing you can do is cater to what the algorithms want, even if that goes against what Google’s webmaster blog is telling you what they want. When getting the valuable information in this infographic, remember, each update is software code. So think like a program when your studying these updates and you will get dramatically better results with your SEO efforts. It is a fun info- graphic that cleverly correlates some of the greatest blues guitarists of all time with the updates you need to focus on with your SEO efforts. Now pay attention to these clues, or everybody gonna know why you sing the blues!

Is Google Giving You the SEO Blues

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