Jeremy Corbyn’s 10-Pledge Blueprint for Transforming Britain

Although public opinion over Jeremy Corbyn’s Westminster bid remains polarised, it’s unmistakable that Labour’s prospective return could wholly reshape Britain come 8th June.
YouGov polls suggest that Labour’s 10 pledges appeal to a broad demographic of British voters. They advance a subject that ought to resonate with people in all walks of life: security and kindness (yes, kindness!). They guarantee secure employment rights, access to housing, secure privatized public services and stability for the lowest paid workers. These policies suggest that it’s time to vote for a party that cares about people, not millionaire donors, that brings in liberal policies that support families, the poor, and the disenfranchised. Now that’s real change.
Contrast this to current Prime Minister Theresa May’s monotonous mumbling about her “strong and stable” government, the all too familiar tactic of using empty rhetoric in the absence of real life examples. Britain’s future is anything but stable. It takes more than a stern face and leopard print kitten heels to negotiate the best Brexit deal.
As George Monbiot put it in his recent Guardian article, “I’d rather live with Jeremy Corbyn’s gentle dithering in pursuit of a better world than give May a mandate to destroy what remains of British decency”.
This infographic gives it to you straight. Find out that the Labour party hopes to accomplish:
Jeremy Corbyns Westminster
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