The Keto-Friendly, Keto-Fakefriendly and Keto-Unfriendly Snacks

What’s the hardest part about diet? I’ve heard of the keto diet being the most popular type of diet, so what is keto and why does this one work for many people? For some of you, it’s probably the smaller portion of the meal. For some others, it’s maybe the fact that you can’t eat anything after 7 AM. For me?
It’s the fact that I can’t snack. I have two time stamp during the day when my snacking urge peaks. It’s usually during 10-11 AM (my brain can’t seem to forget that it’s my childhood snack time) and the slow hours of 2-3 PM (my brain also can’t seem to forget that it’s my childhood naptime).
That’s why, keto diet is a hard choice for me because it seems like I have to forgo all of those snacks option. I don’t think I can function normally in a snack-withdrawal.
So I looked for snack alternatives. I found out that there are many, many alternative snacks for keto diet. They of course won’t be loaded with sugar or sodium. However, I also found out that there are quite a number of snacks that looks keto-friendly but actually not.
The Keto-Unfriendly Snacks
Keto diet is high-fat, medium-protein, and low-carbs diet. It means, whatever you’re snacking on, you can’t have any with carbs or sugar, and even not with too much proteins. Keto-unfriendly snacks are those that are loaded with carbs, sugar, and protein. Which means, most of the tasty food are in this category: from ice cream to cake too sweet to egg sandwich and French fries.
Also, you may get swayed by the keto-friendly version of these snacks. For example, ice cream that promotes itself as keto-friendly because it’s made from coconut milk and artificial sweetener. Maybe it has less carbs, but the artificial sweetener will still make you crave for more later.
Why aren’t you allowed to eat these tasty snacks? Because consuming them may sober your body up from ketosis, which is exact opposite of what you want from a keto diet.
However, the longer you go into keto-diet, your taste for food will change. You will no longer crave sugary and salty food, which means it gets easier not to eat those food and stick to your healthy keto-diet, and those donuts, pretzels, chips and pop tarts? They won’t matter anymore.
The Keto-Fake friendly Snacks
We’ve arrived at the grey area.
This is where you must be careful. This part is loaded with healthy-sounding snacks, which are actually can be really healthy, but healthy doesn’t equal to keto-friendly. Keto-friendly snack is definitely healthy, but not all healthy snack are keto-friendly.
One notorious example of this category is quest bar or protein bar. It sounds so healthy, yeah? And it is indeed healthy. But it’s not for keto.
Banana and grapes are very healthy, but unfortunately they contains pretty high number of carbohydrate, and this makes them unketo-friendly. A slice of banana usually contains 20 gram of carbohydrate, which can be your limit for going into ketosis. It’s too risky.
Fruit juice and vitamin water also sounds healthy, but they uses sugar, which also increase the number of carbohydrate. Avoid cafe latte and cappuccino and other milk-based drink as well, since milk sugar is also carbs-loaded.
What about quest bars? Are quest bars keto-friendly? Unfortunately not. Quest bar is essentially protein bar, and you don’t need taking protein more than necessary in keto diet. If your body recognizes that it can get energy from protein instead of fat, it will stop going into ketosis, defeating the whole purpose of keto-diet.
The Keto-Friendly Snacks
Finally, we’ve arrived at the fun part, where everything mentioned here is safe to consume for keto-diet, as long as it’s on reasonable amount.
Finding keto-friendly snacks is easier than you think. You don’t have to order online to get keto-friendly snacks (which usually aren’t that friendly anyway), chances are your nearest diner and cafe and restaurant have them. You just have to know what to consume and what not to, and be your own diet police.
The easiest snacks to find are whole foods that don’t require anymore cooking. Cheese, cold cuts, egg, avocado and olives are all easy to find. They are loaded with good fat and has little amount of carbs.
Even if banana and grape are out of the question, there are still plenty options for keto-friendly fruits. Most berries has low calorie count, including strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry, but make sure to check each before consuming so you know when you should stop eating.
Most of green vegetables are low in carbs, just make sure not to pick the starchy ones. Celery, cucumber, pepper, and carrot are great with low-carbs dips. Or, you can just use cream cheese. Whipped cream also works great as keto-friendly dip.
If you want your snack to be a bit fancier, you can look for keto-friendly snack diet online. Literally thousands of recipe will pop up on your browser, because honestly, keto-friendly snack is not that hard to make and innovate. There are so many choices, from muffin to vegetable chips. Cheese chip is my personal favourite. Homemade is always better, since you can make sure there’s no other carbohydrate-y ingredients ‘accidentally’ slip into the batter.
There are a whole varieties of snacks. Most of them aren’t very healthy, and a few of them are. From that few snacks, some of them are keto-friendly and keto-fakefriendly. You have to be able to recognize what snacks belong where to ensure you don’t swallow extra carbs or protein by accident and stop the ketosis happening inside your body.
When you succeed at keto diet, you’ll find the taste of these snacks superior than the keto-unfriendly snack. You’ll find most of your old regular snack to be too greasy, too salty, or too sweet. When you’ve achieved that point, congratulation! Now you can have your healthy lifestyle with ease, without having to worry how you can survive passing a bakery on the way home without entering one!
What is your favourite keto-friendly snack recipe? Share it with us below.

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