Key Events of the Financial World

This infographic is created by IFC Markets, it aims to show the development of financial markets step by step. The infographic provides information about the emergence of the first stock exchange, which was established in Brugge, Flanders in the territory in modern Belgium, the oldest stock exchange which is located in Amsterdam and operates till now, it is considered to be the place, where all modern trading methods with securities were tested, including futures, options forwards and so on.

It also refers to the establishment of the first specialized stock exchange in England (it is worth to mention that the main securities traded in the 18th century by exchange agents were not stocks or bonds, but bills) and the birth of NYSE that took place in 1972, when Buttonwood Agreement was signed.

It will also help you learn about the beginning of currency trading, the first “Contracts For Difference” that appeared in Great Britain in the early 1980s, as well as the emergence of Internet trading and its huge popularization in the mid of 1990, the introduction of Euro and financial crisis.

The infographic also gives you a chance of exploring the opportunities of creating your own personal trading instruments.

Financial Markets
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