Keeping Your Knees Healthy: The Dos and Donts

These days, knee pain is surprisingly commonplace. It may come down to a knee injury, being overweight or it may stem from osteoarthritis. Whatever the reason for your knee pain, there are several steps you should be taking to ensure that your knees stay healthy from now on. The last thing you want is to risk further knee pain or injury by doing the exact things you should be avoiding.
Addressing your knee pain should be the first step you take, you should never ignore it. This infographic covers 8 dos and donts for healthy knees; from making sure to warm up and stretch before a workout, to using cold packs and heating pads for pain relief, as well as avoiding high-impact sports. These tips are easy to follow, but will go a long way in helping your knees to stay as healthy as possible, so you can keep doing the exercise you love.Knees Healthy
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