Laws That Apply To Bicyclists

To stay safe when riding the bicycle around the city, it is very important to know at least the main traffic laws that apply to you as a bicyclist, which are presented in this infographic.
It is essential to know that no person under 14 years old is allowed to ride the bicycle on public roads. Therefore, kids should only play with their bikes on the sidewalk. However, regardless of the place where people use their bicycles, everyone should be very careful and pay attention to the surrounding vehicles, which can be cars, trucks or other bicycles. If you need to cross a busy street, it is recommended to walk your bicycles across the road.
Keep an eye on the road, as well. This way, you avoid getting hurt because of road obstacles. Common falls are caused by poor attention to kids, wet leaves, changes in the surface of the road, dogs or rocks.
Laws That Apply To Bicyclists
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