Marijuana Lessons for Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands

Since it is said that Canada will soon become the first G7 country to legalize marijuana, people are eagerly awaiting to see how that will look. In drafting their new law, they will certainly look up other countries where the substance is partially legal. The following infographic talks about three countries where marijuana can basically be used freely, with some restrictions. Those countries are Portugal, Netherlands and the USA (certain states). Their laws are compared by 4 different criteria: marijuana possession, possibility of growing marijuana at home, where cannabis can be bought and where it is allowed to smoke it. Some of the facts will certainly surprise you.
For example, even if Netherlands is known as a safe haven for weed smokers, things are not so clear-cut. Marijuana as a substance is only tolerated in coffee shops whose work is strictly regulated. Not everyone is satisfied with marijuana tourism as well. The case of Portugal is also particularly interesting, as only growers and sellers are prosecuted, while marijuana users are viewed as patients. You will certainly learn something new from this visualization.Marijuana LessonsInfographic Source:

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