A Lockdown Casestudy: Crafting for Positive Mental Health & Stress Reduction

In the first instance, we gathered data from external studies which highlighted a correlation between crafting for positive mental health and craft reduction in various settings. We then examined our product sales data and discovered an upsurge in sales (an increase of over 100%) of craft-related products during the lockdown. Indicating that people were engaging in craft activities more heavily during this time.

After discovering this trend we reached out to members of the craft/blogging community to find out whether crafting/art-making helped them cope during the lockdown. We asked them to share how creative activities helped them to remain in positive mental health during this unprecedented time.

Our blog post is an interesting blend of empirical and experiential data regarding creative activities and the subsequent positive effect on mental health and stress reduction. The infographic visualises the key points that we explain in full within the original post.

Infographic Source: https://designbundles.net/blog/how-to-improve-your-mental-health

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