Push Notification Benchmark by Industry

In order to build a great Mobile CRM Strategy, it’s important to have the latest relevant stats and best practices.  The Push Notification Benchmark by Industry provides just that.  Did you know, for example, that reaction rates are much higher on Android than on iOS across the board?  Or that all Android users are automatically opt-in to receive push notifications when they download an Android app? Produced by Accengage, the leading Push Notification Technology Provider, this study identifies opt-in and reaction rates on iOS and Android by industry (E-Commerce, Banking, Retail…).  The study allows marketers to evaluate the performance of their push notification campaigns and keep on top of the latest best practices for improving push campaign effectiveness.   Based on a robust set of data (5 billion push notifications sent to over 150 million users), this infographic is a must-have for any CRM Manager or Mobile Marketer looking to keep abreast of the latest key figures and improve the performance of their own push notification campaigns. Mobile CRM Strategy

Originial Infographic: http://www.accengage.com/ios-and-android-push-notification-benchmark-by-industry-infographic/

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