Nike: God of the Athletes

Nike or Winged Victory is the goddess of strength, victory, and agility. It’s what she’s best known for and what the Ancient Greeks strived to be.
The famous athletic brand Nike has modeled its company after the goddess with its motto “Just Do It”.
Before Nike became a giant athletic equipment company, recognized worldwide for its great offers in just about any sports category – from swimsuits to online coaching – it actually started off as a shoe store.
Nike’s History
The company was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.
Phil was a college athlete who ran on the track team while Bill was a track and field coach. In Bill’s spare time, he was looking for innovative ways to improve his athletes’ performance.
Bill was mainly concerned with improving performance through shoes and it became Nike’s main focus in its early years.
After Phil completed school, he came up with the idea to manufacture shoes in Japan to compete with the then fierce German competitors. No one backed up his idea so he decided to buy shoes from Japan and sell in the area.
Phil first tried to sell the shoes to his former coach Bill, who decided he wanted to invest and be a partner in the company.
And that’s how Nike began.
Nike’s Accomplishments
Soon after selling shoes from Japan, the partners wanted to manufacture their own shoes.
After many trials and errors, they finally came up with their own lightweight trainer shoes specifically tailored for running.
After their first shoes took off and sales rocketed, they began producing different and updated versions of their original trainers.
Soon the company branched out to more sports than just running. Presently, they carry sports equipment for tennis, basketball, baseball, and swimming just to name a few.
Over the years, the company acquired and sold off different companies which have helped them to succeed. Nike is the parent company of Converse and Hurley International.
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Nike God of the Athletes
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