Nine Circles of Dante’s Law Office

You have probably read the epic poem Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, depicting his journey through Hell. Have you ever thought what would the story look like if there was a “Dante hero” translated into the world of legal services? What if Dante was an attorney?

In the infographic below you will find an entertaining, wise and funny version of Dante, the lawyer. He is facing the daily challenges of running a modern law firm.

Dante experienced a great adventure worth talking about. He went through the nine circles of his own law office. This made him understand the mistakes he and his colleagues did in the past. At the end, Dante managed to transform his company into a successful law firm.

Read the story about Dante, see how he made his clients love him, and how many Dante’s circles you can spot in your own office! Let’s help more and more lawyers turn their firms into 21 Century high-performance companies!

Dante's Law Office

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