Optimize Your Organic Search Rates Using Leading SEO Techniques

It’s all well and good using paid SEO and advertising strategies. In fact, they’re essential to the success of your marketing campaign. However, if you’re able to boost your organic searches, you may even be able to match your paid advertising statistics, allowing you to cut back and save money, even giving you the ability to invest in other areas of your business, allowing you to enhance your levels of success.
However, how do you go about improving your organic search statistics? Today, we’ll explore several keys ways that you can start implementing straight away!

Work on Your Keywords

Keywords are equally important to your business’s SEO as they always have been and it’s worth investing real time and effort into making sure that these are perfect. Currently, Google will map your keywords while crawling your website, creating a comprehensive digital image of what your website looks like and how your potential customers will find you.
In addition to keywords, you’ll want to look into key phases. These are complete questions or search terms such as ‘Best Running Trainers for Running a Marathon.’ This is because users are becoming a lot more fluent in the way that they search and are much more likely to use the term above rather than a search like ‘running shoe marathon.’
This kind of searching is becoming increasingly popular thanks to things like Siri and Google Assistant where people are talking to their devices while searching. So, if you’re using a headline such as ‘What are the Best Running Trainers for Running a Marathon?’ you’re much more likely to reach the top of the result’s page.

Create Quality Content

Nowadays, SEO is all about giving customers the best experience possible and Google will rate you depending on how easy and fluid your experience is. More importantly, this directly correlates with the length of your content or the number of words that it has.
“In short, you’re going to want to be aiming for a piece of content that’s around 2,000-2,500 words. This is because content posts of this length have the aim of providing real valuable information to your readers, rather than a 300-word post that’s crammed full of keywords,” says Jenna Highs, content writer at State Of Writing. For up to date guidelines, check out this SEO guide.
One survey carried out by serpIQ which examined over 160,000 posts found that the length of the post directly correlated with the posts search engine performance.
Furthermore, you’ll need to provide this quite of high-quality content on a regular basis. According to Google, you need to update your content at least once a week, so your website doesn’t appear ‘stale’.

Use High-Quality Links

There are two types of links that you can use in your content and on your website; internal and external. Both are pretty self-explanatory. Interior links are links that you link to other pages or content posts within your own website, for example, a link to your contact page, your ‘about us’ page, or to your product listings.
An external link is a link to any external website that’s not yours, such as this one to Huffington Post. With interior links, Google will be monitoring you to see how easy you help your users navigate around your website and how easy you make it for them to find where they’re going.
With external links, Google will be making sure that you’re linking to high-authority pages. For example, you may be backing up a claim with the information from a study. If you’re writing about business, you could link to an authoritative website, such as Forbes.
When creating and setting your links, make sure that you post to authority and relevant sites to the content topic that you’re writing about, rather than unrelated sites. You’ll also what to make sure anchor text, the text you’re creating the hyperlink on, is also relevant. For example, if you’re writing about marketing consultation service, link to a marketing consultation website.

Repurpose Your URL’s

Unsurprisingly, if your URL looks something like this; http://luckyyou.com/eigrigb404t, Google is going to frown on your website since this isn’t a very user-friendly name.
Instead, repurpose your URL’s to look something more like; http://luckyyou.com/blog, and you’ll see a dramatic increase in your SEO ranking. If you’ve got multiple words in your URL, make sure you separate the words using hyphens or underscores.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is playing an increasingly important role when it comes to SEO rankings. The more active your social media pages are (the ones linked to your website), the higher your SEO ranking will be. This is still a relatively new implementation, but experts claim that this link is only going to solidify.
Start engaging with your audience more on social media, reacting to their comments, share your content on your preferred platform and grow those follow counts. Search any business and the chances are that their social media pages will come up within the top five results.

Improve That Customer Experience

Once again, your SEO ranking is directly influenced by the customer experience that you’re offering. Since the majority of internet traffic now comes through mobile devices, you’re going to want a nice website for your customers to browse on their tablets or smartphones.
The best way to do this is by creating a responsive website. If you’re using WordPress, this means using a responsive theme. Optimise your website as soon as possible. Any customers logging onto any unresponsive website will probably not return.
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Rachel Summers has been a social media manager for seven years, working for a variety of companies, both big and small, including UK Top Writers, a leading custom writing service. In his free time, Rachel also helps and advices a variety of small and start-up businesses on their social media strategies.
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