Outsourcing Your Blog for the First Time

Bloggers, Outsource These Tasks To A Virtual Assistant To Bring Back The Joy Of Blogging.
You’ve interviewed a number of virtual assistants and now have one you feel confident will meet your needs. What will be her first assignment? It’s a tough decision especially since you don’t really know her. Here are some tips to help.
Although a V.A. isn’t an employee, you still need have a trial period. Start with simple projects without impending deadlines.
For example, give your drafted blog post to her to format. She can prepare it for publication by adding keywords, hyperlinks, proofreading, and adding H1 and H2 headings. She can even find an image and resize it for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.
Eventually, you can increase the amount and difficulty of the projects as well as security levels. Just remember to take it slow and communicate with her at least once a week.
Now that you’re familiar with your assistant, what do you outsource to her? Anything you don’t want (or can’t) do yourself. Some suggestions are:

  • Technology, such as updates and backups
  • Content, such as brainstorm ideas and formatting posts
  • Promotion, such as sharing on social media and reaching out to influencers
  • Image creation, such as resizing images for each social platform and designing images for Pinterest
  • List Management, such as cleaning your list of uninterested subscribers and adding content to your autoresponder

As you can see, a blogger’s assistant can be very useful. She saves you time, helps promote your content, and can be a great source for brainstorming ideas with.Outsourcing Your Blog

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