Perfectionism: Is It a Good Or a Bad Thing?

The concept of perfectionism is all over the Internet right now. And every body is screaming about how it is a bad personality trait and how negatively it affects all the people around the perfectionist.
But is it really that bad? Or is there a flip side to this coin? Most definitely there is! A perfectionist usually provides a more polished work, you don’t have to double check it for mistakes, there won’t be any. A perfectionist also is constantly self-developing because of the high standards they have set for themselves.
The only thing a person should remember is that there is a thin line between good and healthy perfectionism and an obsessive one. The second case usually brings anxiety, depression and frustration with it. So who on Earth would ever need that?
The infographic below, together with the “”symptoms”” of perfectionism provides some really helpful pieces of advice to fight the negative perfectionism.perfectionism

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