Phones 4 Loo

As part of their on-going series of research projects – looking into the ways in which smartphones have changed aspects of our society – UK insurance brand loveit coverit commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 respondents to discover how much time people were spending on their mobile devices. In particular, they wanted to assess how smartphones were invading our personal and private time, especially with regards to relationships and how we communicate.

The research showed a vast majority of younger respondents (under-50s) were glued to their phones – never leaving the house with it and taking it with them to the bathroom ‘more than often’.

Furthermore, the respondents indicated that smartphone use was driving a wedge between them and their partner, with a significant number admitting that they have used their smartphone during sexual intercourse, whether for social media messaging, emails, and even in order to using dating apps.

Read this infographic to find out exactly what the research uncovered about how phones are affecting our relationships.

Phones 4 Loo
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