Plagiarism Scandals That Happened in 2016

There is no difference – famous you are or not – when you’re a plagiarist. Is it true?
Students who are caught at plagiarizing usually have to deal with a bunch of different consequences: from formal warnings to expulsion of the academic institution.
But what about well-known public figures and celebrities? Is there a price that need to be paid for the plagiarism case? Or these controversial situations just help them to gain more exposure and popularity?
Partly, yes. But we’re sure that this is not that type of popularity that public figures are looking to.
If someone famous is caught red-handed of plagiarism, then their popularity turns bad for them.
Have a look at this infographic specially designed by the Unplag plagiarism checker team.
There you’ll find 11 most booming plagiarism scandal of previous year. Do you remember some of them now? We believe so. Many of these stories received the extensive media coverage.
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