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Plagiarism Scandals That Happened in 2016

There is no difference – famous you are or not – when you’re a plagiarist. Is it true? Students who are caught at plagiarizing usually have to deal with a bunch of different consequences: from formal warnings to expulsion of the academic institution. But what about well-known public figures and celebrities? Is there a price that need to be paid …

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Biggest Plagiarism Issues in the History

Today plagiarism has become one of the biggest issues for academic’s, mass media world. Today internet has come to most homes around the world and people have a great possibility to read what they want and when they want. So, because of this fact we have to be really attentive when we use any of information from the internet. Each word have to …

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The Reality And Solution Of College Plagiarism

With education evolving leaps and bounds into the technological age plagiarism is becoming easier and easier to do for students. What many do not know is that plagiarism can be achieved several different ways than just copying someone else’s work, you can be cited for plagiarizing someone’s work by failing to cite quotations, inaccurate citations, mixing sources without citing any, …

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