Possible Causes of Tread Separation

The purpose of this infographic is to help car owners understand what the possible causes of the tread separation of their tires are. There are four possible causes that this infographic covers.

The first is improper flat repair. If the tire is not repaired properly, it may cause tread separation at an unusually fast pace.

Second, excessive wear. When there is too much wear on the tires, it will cause separation.

Thirdly, careless driving habits. Even the perfect repairs won’t save a tire from tread separation if the driver is driving recklessly.

Lastly, sometimes tread separation can simply be caused by manufacturer defects.
Possible Causes of Tread Separation
Infographic Source: https://www.chaliklaw.com/defective-tire-lawyer/tire-tread-separation-causes-warning-signs/

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