10 Filipino Comfort Foods for the Rainy Season

Rainy days are finally here! After the long months of sweltering summertime, the wet season has come. It’s not the best time to leave your umbrella, raincoat, and even boots at home because chances of rainfall can happen anytime.

It is also during the rainy season when classes (and even work!) get suspended due to bad weather conditions.And on days when you have nothing more to do than to lie down on your daybed, you can make the weather less gloomy.

Want to know how? By indulging in a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. But of course, it would even be better with a hearty bowl of your favorite soup and other comfort foods that are suited for the cold rainy season.

Perhaps, you’re already thinking of your favorite rainy day comfort food. Many people love noodle soup, while some would prefer a hot bowl of sweet porridge. But whatever it may be, they are sure to bring more reasons to look forward to rainy days.

To excite your taste buds and your tummy, M2.0 Communications presents a list of mouth-watering comfort foods that Filipinos usually crave for during rainy days in this infographic.

Rainy Season Filipino Foods

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