Rembrandt fun facts

This Infograpic is about Rembrandt and tells you some fun facts about the greatest painter of the Netherlands. Rembrandt is a painter famous for his scenes and especially his usage of light. His paintings are considered one of the most expensive in the world and almost never reach a public auction anymore. He had a lot of money in his lifetime but died penniless.

He was born in Leiden and stayed there until his twenties. He painted more than 400 paintings and many prints and drawings. He lived during the Golden Age and was even in his time a well known and a respected artist. His most famous master piece is the Night Watch.

The whole museum (Rijksmuseum) is designed around this painting. It’s considered to be the biggest treasure of the Netherlands. The Rembrandt Infographic gives you just a sample of cool numbers and facts. This Infographic is made by Rembrandt, we give daily tours about Rembrandt in Amsterdam.

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Rembrandt fun facts

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