Top Remote Work Fields in Demand Now

Of all the perks that employees can have today, there is one that all apparently rave over any other: working remotely.

There is no doubt that remote working has changed the business landscape in a way that no other trend has done before. According to a study conducted by Softchoice, 85% of North American employees expect their boss to provide tools that allow them to work from wherever they choose. Furthermore, 74% of workers said they would quit their present jobs to work for an organization that would allow them to work remotely from time to time – even if it means that their salary or role would stay the same.

With remote working on the rise, the number of companies across different industries embracing this kind of employment arrangement is also increasing at a staggering rate. As such, the number of opportunities available in this field is wide and far-reaching, making it almost hard for anyone with a plethora of skills to select the field that will suits best to their preference and needs.

If you are planning to quit your office career but you are still clueless still on which field you want to explore in your soon digital nomad career, then check out this infographic from Venture with Impact which discusses the top 10 most in-demand remote work fields these days.

10 Remote Work Fields In-Demand
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