Seasonal Retail Calendar 2015

Premierline have put together a visual infographic to highlight the 2015 Seasonal Retail Calendar, an informative calendar to showcase the important dates for shops, e-commerce and retail businesses. The infographic is a great source for companies to use to capitalise on all of the seasonal marketing events taking place in the UK throughout the year. Being aware of the key holidays, celebrations and seasonal events means that businesses can get involved with creating activity around the dates, which can effectively work into a marketing and promotional plan. Use this calendar as a starter guide for your 2015 retail calendar, and add extra dates and events along the way that may benefit your sales plan. The retail calendar can be shared with friends and colleagues, so that everyone has an idea of what is coming up throughout the year ahead, with plenty of time to carefully work this into a business plan.
With events covering sports, celebrity babies and school dates, most areas are covered to give you and your business a brilliant starting point for 2015. 2015 Seasonal Retail Calendar

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