Sell my Boat

If it’s time to ‘Sell My Boat’ then you have a question to answer: ‘Do I ask a boat broker to sell my boat, or do I sell it myself?’
For many boat owners, a broker is the easier way to go. They know the market, may know potential buyers, and can handle local and distant enquiries.
However some owners may want to save the commission, and are happy to advertise the boat and negotiate a sale themselves.
If that’s you, here are 9 actionable items which can help you sell your boat online for a good price.
You should aim to sell at the beginning of the boating season, ensure the boat is clean and tidy, list and describe all aspects of the boat. Provide plenty of good photos and videos, ensure all the relevant documentation is available, have a mechanical check and report, set a realistic price and advertise the boat widely.
Sell my Boat
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